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Dried Prawns Chutney

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Home made prawns chutney from coastal town Udupi.

Dried prawns (shrimp) is quite a famous delicacy amongst fish lovers across the globe. So also in Udupi where it is usually eaten during the Monsoons when fresh fish is unavailable as boats often do not venture out for fishing into the rough sea. Dried Shrimp is nothing but Shrimp that is sun dried and shrunk to thumb size. It is frequently used in South East Asian cuisine and almost all of coastal cuisine, so little doubt that Udupi loves it too. Shrimp Chutney tastes heavenly when eaten with Congee (Kanji/Rice gruel) and this is probably one of the simplest of all meals.


Dried Shrimps, coconut grated, garlic, tamarind paste, Mangalore Chili Masala powder, salt.



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