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Moode(Screw pine) leaves

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Moode are idlis wrapped up like a mystery in screw pine leaves! A delicacy from Udupi, Mangalore region. The screw pine leaves/pandan leaves add a distinct taste and aroma to idlis and make them special, unique and delicious.

Screw pine leaves are weaved into cylindrical moulds and are used to steam idli batter. They make cylindrical idlis, which are called as ‘moode’ in Kannada/Tulu. They are made during festivals, a must for Krishnajanmastami festival and are served as breakfast during special occasions and celebrations. It also shows up on tables of most Udupi, Mangalorean homes as breakfast every once in a while. People from Udupi and Mangalore have a flair for these cylindrical idlis.

Moode are versatile, they are traditionally had with butter/ghee/coconut oil on top and with coconut chutney's, chicken curries, sprouted green gram coconut based curry, a sweet-sour-spicy pineapple curry etc.




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